Infos Togo Sylvanus Olympio assassinated on January 13, 1963

Family demands access to French archives to find out the truth

Publié le mercredi 23 juin 2021, par Gabinho

Finally, will we know the truth about the circumstances of the assassination of the first Togolese president, Sylvanus Olympio ? This is the big question.
While the Togolese have always demanded the truth about the circumstances and the one who killed Gilchrist Olympio’s father, and that since always, several versions have been served, it is the French news site MEDIAPART that comes announce that "THE FAMILY OF THE PRESIDENT OF TOGO KILLED IN 1963 DEMANDS ACCESS TO FRENCH ARCHIVES".
According to the film of the progress of the assassination told to the Togolese by the journalist Alain FOKA in his program ARCHIVES D’AFRIQUE on Radio France Internationale, Togo had just emerged from French colonization on April 27, 1960 with the death of its first President January 13, 1963. An assassination that marked the first military coup in black Africa after independence. The condemnations were therefore unanimous at the time. Among other condemnations, there was that of Sékou Touré who had strongly protested.
If this request from the family to the French authorities as announced by Mediapart were to obtain a favorable response, we could finally know what really happened on the night of January 12 to 13, 1963 at the home of the first Togolese president who trained his death.
In the meantime and for information, the body of Sylvanus Olympio has been buried since 1963 in Agoé in Benin.