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Fabre at the front against a hasty ballot without improving the electoral framework

Publié le lundi 27 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

Present in the activities of the Concertation between political actors (CNAP) before leaving at the last minute, the National Alliance for Change (ANC) calls for the improvement of the electoral framework before the organization of any election, in particular the regional ones which do not depend on any constitutional deadline.

At a press conference yesterday Thursday August 22, 2021, ANC President Jean-Pierre Fabre announced his meeting which took place last Tuesday with the Minister of Territorial Administration, Payadowa Boukpessi. The mayor of Golfe 4 announced that the electoral reforms proposed to the National Consultations between Political Actors (CNAP) would be implemented after the regional elections. Nevertheless, for the ANC, it is better if the electoral framework is improved before the establishment of institutions like the Senate and the Constitutional Court.

"It would therefore be wise to take advantage of the time to seek a consensus on the electoral framework, by improving several of its constituent elements, in particular the electoral register, the CENI and the Constitutional Court", wished the Party.

For the former leader of the opposition, the elections in Togo still give rise to disputes due to the lack of consensus on the electoral framework. And we must put an end to the organization of elections in haste and improvisation.
Until then, the date for the organization of the regional elections is not known.

Severin A.