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EITI / CSR standards and negotiation and advocacy techniques dissected in Tabligbo by mining sector unions

Publié le vendredi 18 juin 2021, par Gabinho

“The mining sector is an essential component of Togo’s economy. It alone accounts for over 22% of total exports and attracts a large number of investors, mostly foreigners. The country now has dozens of industrial and artisanal operations, both formal and informal, which employ thousands of fellow citizens. Working and living conditions are not always brilliant. They contrast with the economic potential of the sector. The wages are derisory and the working hours are excessive. Occupational health and safety measures, if they exist, are not commensurate with the risks associated with the mining environment. The ILO Convention 176 on occupational health and safety in mines has not been ratified by Togo. More than 60% of the jobs created are precarious and held by laborers and placement services regardless of the nature and duration of the activities. Social security is still lacking in many of these businesses. Investors profit from this exploitative situation of workers and strongly oppose any idea of ​​social dialogue. Today, without a sectoral collective agreement, the mining sector in Togo is not sufficiently regulated to prevent very often fatal work accidents, employer abuses, in short, the exploitation of workers in mines, whether remote or close. cities ”, these are some sad and bitter observations that led SYDEMINES and its long-standing partner SADD (Solidarité Action pour le Développement Durable), both supported by WSM (We Social Movement) of Belgium, to bring together in a seminar the June 15, in Tabligbo, capital of Yoto prefecture, 19 participants from 05 unions including SYDEMINES, SYNAPOST, SYNAMITO, SYNEM and SYLIMITO and six companies, around the main theme, "EITI / CSR standards and negotiation and advocacy techniques to establish a framework for permanent and fruitful social dialogue in companies and at the national level ”.

And to justify such a meeting which was beneficial to the participants, given the communications developed, it is indicated by the organization that it is faced with the current situation in the sector of weeks in Togo which is not as bright as that which ’it became for them,’ urgent to explore new avenues of persuasion and negotiation techniques in order to be able to establish a permanent framework for social dialogue to arrive at better regulations for the protection of workers and the promotion of decent work in all companies in the sector ”.

It is therefore in search of these new avenues that SYDEMINES and SADD with the support of the WSM program for the improvement of working and living conditions in mines are organizing for the attention of officials and delegates of mining unions. in Togo, an awareness-raising and capacity-building workshop on the theme of "EITI / CSR standards and negotiation and advocacy techniques to establish a framework for permanent and fruitful social dialogue in companies and at the national level".

And to achieve this overall objective of "getting managers and union representatives to give themselves the means and the capacity to initiate a framework for permanent, frank and fruitful social dialogue" set for this meeting, it was discussed for the various stakeholders to maintain assistance by raising awareness and strengthening their "capacities of union officials on the EITI standard, its various components and employers’ obligations", raising awareness "on the importance of the EITI for unions », And finally,« social dialogue ». Also, in detail, it was a question of "sensitizing union officials and delegates on negotiation techniques, advocacy techniques, on the need to come together to stand up to employers in social dialogue. and get union officials to take advantage of the EITI / CSR standard to convince or get employers to promote social dialogue ”.