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Edem Sémékonawo deposed, the charges of Chief Canton of Aflao Sagbado entrusted to Togbui Kossi Dogbé Alley VII

Publié le vendredi 2 avril 2021, par Gabinho

Edem K. Sémékonawo will no longer be able to claim the title of Chief Canton of Aflao Sagbado. Based on letter number 0042 / PG / SG / DAAC / SP / 2021 of March 24, 2021, sent by the Prefect of the Gulf, Mayor Djikounou decided to ban Sieur Sémékonawo K. Edem from the post of chief canton. Instead, the responsibilities of Chief Canton are entrusted to Togbui Kossi Dogbé Alley VII, until further notice.
According to the terms of the decision of Mayor Aimé Djikounou, "in view of our duty to contribute to social cohesion and the living together of the populations of our territorial jurisdiction, we would like to notify you that all activities, carried out by you, with the populations of the canton Aflao Sagbado, as Chief Canton, you are prohibited and must immediately stop ”. Also, continued the Mayor of the Municipality of Gulf 7, "Togbui Kossi Dogbé Alley VII remains and remains the current person in charge, recognized with the Royal throne of the canton of Aflao Sagbado until further notice".