Infos Togo Tribute / Death of Abbass Bonfoh

Dr Gnagnon rests the debate on the "statute of the former presidents of the Republic"

Publié le vendredi 2 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

Aged 72, his death gripped the Togolese people yesterday Wednesday. He is now the late El Hadj Abass Bonfoh, interim president of Togo between February and April 2005, following the death of the late Gnassingbé Eyadéma and the back-pedaling that followed the Army’s attempted coup to install Faure Gnassingbé without going through the elections.

If until then the political class, especially that of the opposition, has remained silent, it is Dr. Jean-Emmanuel Gnagnon, candidate declared for the presidential election of February 2020 under the banner of the Togo Restoration Movement, and also Deputy Mayor of the Municipality Lakes 3 Agbodrafo, which breaks the silence.

Former Communication Secretary of the FDR Party (Democratic Forces for the Republic), Togolese opposition party, and having acceded to the Town hall on the list of the opposition grouped within the C14, Dr Gnagnon in tribute to the The man says he remembers “the illustrious deceased as having been a politician caught in the whirlwind of confusion at the top of the state at a very critical moment in the political history of our country. We can salute the memory of a former President of the Republic who did not benefit from the Statute of former Presidents of the Republic, according to article 75 of the Constitution of our country ".

If he regrets therefore that the man could not enjoy this status of former president as it should, he sees that "the Statute of the former presidents of the Republic is a question which deserves to be re-examined with objectivity for the sake of constitutional respect ”.

In this reaction made on his Facebook page, the local elected, Dr Jean-Emmanuel Gnagnon, launches “a citizen appeal to the honorable deputies to the National Assembly and to the members of the government to work in a patriotic dynamic for the determination of the organic law on the status of former presidents of the Republic ”.