Infos Togo Accusation of breach of honor, attempted aggravated disturbances of public order

Djimon Oré in "Les Fables" by Ouro-Djikpa Tchatikpi

Publié le jeudi 20 mai 2021, par Gabinho

It is an issue that leaves no politician indifferent and even within the political family of the party in power, since, in addition to the leaders of opposition parties, who for their part denounced his arrest and his continued detention. detention, the activist and UNIR party member, Gilbert Bawara, during an outing several days ago also spoke about it.

Former adviser to the national president of the PNP, Ouro-Djikpa Tchatikpi, has not ignored this issue either. He compares the record of his imprisonment to the fables of Jean de La Fontaine.

“What we expect from the trial on Tuesday is the immediate release of Djimon Oré, as his case is empty. Djimon’s dossier resembles this fable by Jean de La Fontaine : "the animals sick with the plague" which says, I quote : "Depending on whether you are powerful or miserable, the court judgments will make you white or black". The last time we are talking about the stoning of hundreds of billions. But those involved in this affair still roam the streets freely. They were never worried. Is it because Djimon Oré said out loud what all Togolese think down that he should be thrown in jail ? No. You might as well take everyone and put them in prison because that’s how we all think in Togo, ”Ouro-Djikpa Tchatikpi reacts. Better, he adds, “there is nothing to report in this case. Djimon Oré has committed no crime. His place is next to his family ".

According to the information, Djimon Oré will be before the judges next Tuesday, to answer the charges of attack on honor, attempts to aggravate public order and insults against the representatives of public authority, detained at against him.