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Djene Dakonam hopes for "a strong, competitive team" for June

Publié le mercredi 23 mars 2022, par Gabinho

They have been in the thick of it since that day. They are the players summoned by the technical staff of coach Paulo Duarte, for the Antalya camp. For the first session of today, it was mainly a question of hearing the actors of a scrubbing through a collective session A and U23.
Referring to this session, the captain of the Sparrowhawks of Togo, Djene Dakonam (from Getafe) and other regulars who served as a welcoming committee for the young shoots did not hide their joy.
For the defender of Getafe, it was a question of Cleansing and making contact. "We welcomed the young people to put them in the bath," said Djene.
He was especially delighted that he found his teammates in selections, after four months. "It’s been four months we haven’t reunited. In June, we have four decisive matches, this camp will do us good, ”he said.
As hope for this regrouping, he intends to see the technicians and the players work to "put in place a strong, competitive team, which will be able to face the matches that we have in June".
For these matches counting for the CAN Abidjan 2023 qualifiers, he has only one leitmotif, "winning them". “As a competitor, we will try to win these matches, it is very important for us,” he promised.
After this first session which was conditioned by the fatigue of the players upon their arrival, the intense sessions obviously start Tuesday.