Infos Togo poverty wages, 10 years without a work contract ...

Diamond Cement workers in Dalavé raise their voices and demand involvement from the Head of State

Publié le jeudi 1er juillet 2021, par Gabinho

Permanent workers such as those recruited by the laborers and made available to Diamond Cement by the Subcontractors, i.e. around 200 agents, they observe as of this day and this for 72 hours, a work stoppage. This is a change of mood that follows a strike notice placed on the employer’s table since June 15, 2021.

These workers, grouped within SYDEMINES (Syndicat Démocratique des Mines du Togo), denounce the working conditions and demand an upward revision of their wages, which they consider in view of what they endure, derisory. So they demand more consideration from their employer. From what we could read of the content of the strike notice, we note that "the difficulties affect all categories of workers present at DCT (Diamond Cement Togo, editor’s note). As for the workers hired through the laborers, their suffering is enormous. They are deprived of all the benefits and bonuses attached to their jobs ”.
And it is accused, "this situation is carefully maintained by the absence of a written employment contract in the rules of the art".

In the narration of the situation experienced in this factory manufacturing cement for construction in Togo, by one of the strikers, “instead, it is fixed-term employment contracts without any consideration that are imposed on these workers, however. employees in the maintenance and production of DCT, that is to say activities which only end with the end of DCT if there is any ”. A situation that has lasted since 2010, when wages still refuse to grow at the same time as production is still expanding. According to the workers, they came to this strike despite threats of dismissal, because, "approached, on several occasions with the workers’ legitimate demand for a CDI (Permanent Contract)", after more than 10 years work, "the jobbers have shown their limits by remaining silent". Curiously enough, according to the statements of the workers met at their place of movement this Wednesday morning on the road leading to Dalavé by one of our reporters, neither the workers directly hired by DCT are not at the end of their sentence. "Workers hired directly by DCT, their difficulty stems from the fact that they are paid on the basis of Togo’s inter-professional minima, which contrasts with the economic potential of the cement sector in which DCT operates. This also contrasts with the degree of risk associated with this environment and the high demands it places on workers.

Present alongside the workers of DCT, the Deputy Secretary General of SYDEMINES, Kodjovi Messan Sédonou, confirmed the complications experienced by the workers of this cement plant, who despite all the availability displayed to sit around a dialogue table with the employer are up against stone. Also, he denounced the information which reached them on the site of the strike indicating that the employer, to undermine the strike movement, decided to deploy the “Indian” personnel of the factory to the other positions occupied by the strikers to run the machines and the different sections. While he congratulates Zio’s labor inspectorate in passing for all the steps taken to get DCT management to listen to reason, the head of SYDEMINES calls on the highest authorities in the country to take a look at the criminal situation of these Togolese compatriots who are undergoing unbearable difficulties despite seniority and "the regular and sustained rise in the prices of all basic necessities including food, and all goods in general" in Togo.

A call from Mr. Sédonou who comes to support that of the workers who formally called on the Togolese Head of State, Faure Gnassingbé, to hear their cry of distress in a favorable way, they who bend under the weight of their work without living of this work.

If their grievances are not satisfied, the workers say they are prepared to toughen the tone of their strike, to make themselves heard. What will it be ? Very smart will be the one who could predict exactly what would happen.