Infos Togo Aboka Town Hall on the brink of implosion

Deputy mayor of the opposition accused of ethnocentric comments

Publié le samedi 29 mai 2021, par Gabinho

What is still happening at the Town Hall of Gulf 5 Aflao Gakli ? This is the big question, but there are reports that internal wars have resurfaced within the municipal council of this commune, to the point where the first person in charge, Kossi Aboka, fears a dissolution of this municipal council.

According to our colleagues from Togobreakingnews, "As mayor of Aflao-Gakli, you have to be brave and have Olympian calm in order to sit. The mood being gloomy between the 22 municipal councilors, the development of this commune is relegated to the background. Accusations of assassination between municipal councilors, lack of consideration during the sessions, evocation of ethnocentric and segregationist remarks, accusations of embezzlement of verbal pugilates at several public meetings are problems which predominate in the Gulf 5. At the center of the controversies, Kossivi Kevin Dieudonné Assila. The municipal councilor of obedience National Alliance for Change (ANC) accuses Jean Claude Badjanko Fintakpa, chairman of the finance committee, of embezzlement. According to confidences, the same Assila, municipal councilor at 25, went to tell the 2nd deputy mayor, Koubalo Badjamla, that the president of the finance commission wants to kill him. It is in this atmosphere that Mr. Badjamla would be cut off during the April 30 session, given his background. For the municipal councilor, Pierre Assou Akouété Nougblega, the 1st deputy mayor, Mr. Badjamla, the 2nd deputy mayor does not have the right to speak because he is not from Aflao-Gakli ".

Also, continues our colleagues, "all these subjects were put on the carpet Wednesday on the occasion of the first extraordinary session of the year. Word was given to each of the elect to explain themselves in order to settle the disputes once and for good. ‘’ I’m going to see the minutes of the April 30 session and we’ll come back to talk about it behind closed doors… We’re not going to put up with this, ’Aboka ordered during the meeting. For his part, Jean Eklou condemns ethnocentric comments and gossip within the City Council. ’’ History has wanted this Gulf 5 municipality to be led by Mr. Aboka : it is a fact, we must accept it and do with ... What Mayor Badjamla has just said about Mr. Nougblega is extremely serious and that requires Mr. Nougblega to apologize. The Togolese state does not praise ethnicism, racism and ethnocentrism ", denounced the municipal councilor of ANC obedience. As usual, the discussions were heated and language gaps were not avoided. Some advisers who no longer support these actions often prefer to boycott the sessions. The situation worries the former president of the special delegation of the prefectures of the Gulf and Agoe-Nyivé who fears a dissolution of the municipal council ".

And we conclude, with words that would be from Mayor Kossi Aboka, namely, “Let’s be very careful. Let us know that there are legal provisions which are envisaged… The supreme authority can decide to dissolve a municipality to set up a special delegation in which none of us here will be a member when it notices a dysfunction of great gravity and that the local elected officials cannot agree to work in the interest of the population ”.

On reading these words, our attempts at the writing of Telegramme228, to get in touch with the accused, the Deputy Mayor Pierre Akouété Nougbléga, until we put these few words online remained unanswered. .

We will come back to this case in detail once the respondent confides in us his share of the truth about these accusations of ethnocentrism.

N.B : In pictures, Kossi Aboka (at the microphone) with the other members of the executive of the Municipal Council of Gulf 5, with the former prefect of the Gulf, Komlan Agbotsè.