Infos Togo Petrolegate / Ferdinand Ayité honored for "his bravery and determination"

Democrats call on fellow journalists to do the same

Publié le mardi 29 juin 2021, par Gabinho

On June 27, 2021 in Lomé, the Political Party Democrats through a press release whose first words are taken from the Saudi proverb, "Perseverance ensures demonstration", congratulated the investigative journalist, Mr. Ferdinand Ayité of the Alternative after obtaining a distinction from TRACE FOUNDATION.
In consideration of his bravery and determination to shine the spotlight on the public, the TRACE FOUNDATION recognized the efforts of the Alternative Publishing Director with an award.
"The fellow investigative journalist, Mr. Ferdinand AYITE, received an award from TRACE FOUNDATION in recognition of his fight for transparency, especially in the specific case of the ’Petrolegate Affair’, the statement read.
Enchanted by this distinction, The Democratic Party congratulates "the Laureate and encourages him to persevere more. Ipso facto the Political Party the Democrats invites its peers to follow in its footsteps in the ethics of the profession of journalism by always practicing impartiality ".
By imploring divine grace on the compatriot, the political formation encourages the confrere for his next mission, "Good luck, Mr. Ferdinand AYITE and may the Almighty accompany you in your heavy task !" "

Severin A.