English news Fire of markets Lomé and Kara

Decision of the Crisis Committee : buildings will be rebuilt

Publié le jeudi 17 janvier 2013, par

Met on last Monday under the leadership of Prime Minister of Togo, Arthème Kwessi Séléagodji Ahoomey-Zunu, the crisis committee set up by the Togolese government decided after assessing the degree of degradation of the main building markets in Lomé Adawlato and Kara that they are fully rebuilt. This was announced at the end of the session.

To prevent other tragedies occur around the building of these platforms market, they decided to put security measures in place around these buildings. It was also agreed that "sites likely to harbor temporarily commercial activities" are identified quickly and that "a census of those affected will take place to allow" an assessment of damages suffered. "It is reported that the government or the crisis committee will not be alone in making decisions, but organized groups of traders and traders will be closely involved and consulted on all proposed measures." As a reminder, the markets of Lomé and Kara have been ravaged by a fire in an interval of 48 hours.

This is reminiscent of a criminal act. Investigations are underway to shed light on the origins of these dramas that have knelt economic activities of Togolese women.
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