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Death by drowning of a soldier in Agouégan

Publié le jeudi 8 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

The information is reported by our colleagues from Togotimes. Here is what he said : "A tragedy occurred on 06 Monday July last in Agouégan in the Lac2 at around 5:00 p.m. There, a soldier who cannot swim jumped into the water to catch up with a youngster. Unfortunately, the game ended badly. The man in uniform, unable to swim, did not achieve his goal.

According to reports, last Monday a heated argument broke out between a soldier and a young Beninese boy at the edge of the lagoon. At the center of the altercation, a bag of cassava flour commonly known as Gari bought by the young Beninese to return to the other side.
This is where a misunderstanding will arise between the man in uniform and the young Beninese. In the opinion of a witness, the man in khaki did not want to leave the young person with the gari bag on the pretext that in Togo, it is forbidden that basic necessities are no longer sold outside Togo. . But, the young Beninese did not want to give in.
It is then that the youngster will then jump into the water to reach the other side. It is in this game that the soldier in uniform, unable to swim, will throw himself into the water in pursuit of the young man. And There you go. Everything changes.
The soldier drowned in the lagoon. Research has enabled a research team to find him, but without breath of life.
Info from an Anonymous in Agouégan "