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Deadline extended until October 29, 2021

Publié le mardi 24 août 2021, par Gabinho

For those who have not complied with the Decree of April 29, 2021 relating to the identification and limitation to 3 SIM cards per subscriber and per operator, the Authority for the regularization of electronic communications and posts (ARCEP) after having received the approval of government authorities and in consultation with Togo Cellulaire and Moov Africa Togo, has decided to extend the deadline for the identification of subscribers to mobile communication services until October 29, 2021.
After noting the influx of populations into the agencies, which nevertheless neglect and despise the restrictive measures enacted by the government as part of the fight against Covid-19, especially in this period when the rates of contamination are becoming worrying. Thus by this press release of Friday August 20, 2021, ARCEP decided to extend the deadline, in order to allow our populations to comply, in serenity, with the identification formalities as well as with the spirit of the Decree. , the Regulatory Authority deemed it necessary to extend the deadline in order to relieve the congestion of the agencies.
To this end, the Regulatory Authority once again urges “mobile telephone operators to favor digital solutions (USSD code, application, mobile, etc.) and also to take all diligent measures for scrupulous compliance with barrier gestures in their agencies. At the same time, ARCEP reminds subscribers that a single number has been made available to them, without having to travel, subject to meeting the application requirements of regulatory texts ".
As a reminder, the Decree of April 29, 2021 aims to strengthen the legal system related in particular to the identification obligations of mobile service subscribers in order to comply with international regulatory standards. Beyond that, this provision involves a security stake for the country, in the sense that it will make it possible to fight effectively against the misdeeds related to the use of mobile phones (terrorism, theft, scams, identity theft, harassment, etc. ).

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