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"Dalassoi" to counter youth unemployment

Publié le mercredi 6 octobre 2021, par Gabinho

This is the first time in commercial life and on behalf of the Savannah region to learn it. A commercial house which innovates a strategy to fight against poverty and unemployment in the Savannah region ; yes, this is the Dalassoi house branch (in moba which means, do not abandon anyone) inaugurated on October 1st. A commercial house which, through its innovation, gives the opportunity to young people in the region who will now be able to get a motorcycle in Dapaong, and this on credit to repay it in 14 months. These motorcycles, to be used for business and especially for the motorcycle taxi.
The inauguration ceremony was performed by the prefect of Tône, Christophe Yendoukoa TCHIMBIANDJA, in the presence of the 3rd deputy mayor of Tône 1 commune, other prefects and other authorities in the region.
For the CEO of Maison Dalassoi, Daniel GADEGBEKOU, it is time to initiate actions to support the government in its spirit of fighting poverty and unemployment. For Mr. GADEGBEKOU, it is imperative to innovate the entrepreneurship system to support young Togolese who would like to escape or be occupied while waiting for any final activity.
The "dalassoi" project consists of signing a contract with the house to reimburse any sum depending on the device chosen for a daily activity that can promote a contribution less than or equal to 2000 f CFA per day and this over fourteen months.
With the Dalassoi branch, the contractor defines its capacity to pay the amount starting from 2000 f CFA per day. An offer never seen or learned in the life of the Savannah region.
And for the authorities in the region, it is a godsend that young people must seize in order to transform their course of life. Particular attention must be given so that the beneficiaries are people of good faith.
The prefect of Tône and the other authorities in the region have asked those in charge of the Dalassoi house to be vigilant so that the first beneficiaries are people of trust who will promote good continuity of the project.
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