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CLOUD & RACKS Datacenter Privé, is now operational in Togo

Publié le jeudi 16 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

The private company CLOUD & RACKS SAS, officially opened its doors on May 31, 2021. The Datacenter, designed according to the Tier 3+ standard, meets the strictest security standards with a projected availability rate of 99.98%.
Hosted on a 600m² site, Cloud & Racks provides 44 Racks at the start of its activities with an electrical power of 270kVA ; It is made up of two (2) independent electric chains, two (02) cooling systems, and a cold aisle system.
Note that Cloud & Racks is carrier-neutral, meaning that it allows its customers to use any local telecom operator for their Internet connectivity needs or interconnections.

Cloud Services & Datacenter Racks
Cloud & Racks offers 2 categories of services, namely colocation and Cloud services.

Cloud & Racks colocation
Cloud & Racks offers sufficient space and resources for IT equipment requiring an efficient, secure and scalable IT infrastructure. Regardless of the size and activity of the company, colocation in a data center provides access to highly secure and efficient facilities to manage its IT infrastructure. Thus, thanks to colocation in the data center, companies have increased flexibility to manage their future growth, while reducing their IT expenses.

Cloud services
They consist of the provision of online storage space as well as virtual private servers. A computer scientist can, from a web browser, create available servers with a few mouse clicks. These services will allow companies to set up data backup solutions, as well as the deployment of IT infrastructure, fast and reliable.

The target of Cloud and Racks
Cloud & Racks are mainly aimed at telecom service operators, IT service developers, financial institutions, universities, multimedia service providers and more generally all economic operators who require storage or computing space. Cloud & Racks price and service offerings are very flexible in order to help further stimulate digital sector growth according to PND policy.