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“Beware ! », Says Jean-Pierre FABRE to the press

Publié le vendredi 2 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

Faced with the press on Wednesday after a long moment of silence, the president of the National Alliance for Change (ANC) Jean-Pierre FABRE did not fail to warn the press about a question put to him by one of the journalists participating in this meeting organized at the party’s headquarters in Bè-Kamalodo (Lomé).

Immediately after the opening statement was read, a series of questions were put to the leader of the ANC and among the questions was one relating to a possible division within the ANC that could degenerate on the departure of some, as they did. had done at the time within the Ufc (union of the forces of change).

“Obviously, some are more informed than us. We say a lot of things that are wrong. Beware when you have information because it is part of the drama of our country. I don’t mean to say it’s wrong or it is true, but I’m just telling you to beware of what you hear, ”the ANC chairman said without going into details.

And to another question asking him what fate they as actors they reserve for the people with all their internal quarrels, he answers in these terms : "The fate of Togo is all of us because before being a journalist you are Togolese and therefore you are in it. If you don’t want to see things I will say that things as for them, they see you ”.