Infos Togo Solemn commitment not to exceed two terms

Apévon and admiring supporters of Patrice Talon

Publié le mardi 13 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

It is a commitment that has nothing to do with the power of Lomé, of which the FDR is one of its opponents, but is delighted that another African leader has understood that after him it will not be not the flood.
In a press release dated July 11, 2021, signed by its National President, Me Paul Dodji Apévon, the FDR (Democratic Forces for the Republic) political party indicates that "at this time it has unfortunately become a nasty habit for African heads of state to tamper with the fundamental law of their country to maintain themselves, against all odds, in power, with disastrous consequences for the entrenchment of democracy and development in these countries, the solemn commitment of President Patrice TALON to limit himself to his two mandates, in accordance with the Constitution, comes as a strong gesture and a great comfort for all of Africa ”.
Apévon and his supporters say they salute "this patriotic gesture of the Beninese president, especially when he affirms that" the virtue that is expected of a governor is not to take oneself for Almighty God and to have the humility of understand that another can always do better ””.
Also, continues the document, a copy of which has reached our editorial staff, "the FDR express their admiration to him, encourage him to listen to this voice of wisdom until the end, in order to prove that respect for the word given is not is not a rare commodity on the African continent like the former Nigerien president, Mamadou ISSOUFOU who has just left power by joining the deed to the word, and thus seize this opportunity to make history and to rise definitively to the rank of Great Statesmen of the continent ”.
Finally, they congratulate "the organizers of the Cotonou summit and encourage them to increase such initiatives to awaken citizens to the rooting of democracy in our countries".