Infos Togo Togolese arrested in Ghana for illegal immigration

And yet all has been going well in Togo for 16 years !

Publié le samedi 24 avril 2021, par Gabinho

"Ghana-14 Togolese Arrested for Illegal Immigration" is the title of an article by our colleagues from Icilome that calls out to us.

According to the colleague, “The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has arrested 33 nationals of West African countries including Togolese who have allegedly entered the country illegally. The communications officer of the Volta Regional Immigration Command, Felix Klu-Adjei, announces that fourteen (14) Togolese had been apprehended in different parts of the Ho municipality. According to him, these Togolese citizens entered the country. Ghana by unapproved routes to implement network marketing programs without valid authorization to do business. Mr. Klu-Adjei said they will be handed over to Togolese immigration officials after Covid-19 tests. Among those arrested, there are also 19 travelers from Nigeria who have already been deported across the Aflao border to their country of origin ”.

As for Togo, it is an announcement of arrest for illegal immigration that contrasts with the doing business and other reports brandished over the years by the Togolese authorities to make the first comer believe that everything is fine in the country and that growth is real and is felt in the plate of Togolese lambda. Sacred Togo by Faure Gnassingbé !