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Alert ! Three critical points on the National N ° 1

Publié le jeudi 9 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

It is the Minister of Public Works, Zouhératou Tchakondo and her colleague from Road, Air and Rail Transport, Affoh Atcha-Dedji, who sound the alarm.

“After the abundant rains recorded in recent days, three critical points have appeared on the N ° 1 national road, in particular at Kpélé located 93 km from Lomé, at Notsé and at the northern exit of Wahala on the RN1 with degradations that have resulted in a narrowing of the road, ”they informed through a co-signed press release.

And it is specified in the aforementioned document, that "it is about the erosion of the shoulders and the collapse of part of the culverts installed under the roadway".

However, reassure the two members of the government, that work is underway to restore these bridges.