Infos Togo Tension in the Municipality of Kozah 1

About fifteen City Councilors "shoot red bullets" on Mayor Pidabi Pawoubadi

Publié le mercredi 1er septembre 2021, par Gabinho

Tension in the Municipality of Kozah 1. And for good reason, some municipal councilors would deplore the approximate or even opaque management of the public funds of the mayor of Kozah 1 and want his ousting.
According to our colleagues in Togoscoop, Pidabi Pawoubadi, the mayor of Kozah 1, is decried "by the majority of city councilors at the present time. If there was a deviance vote today, he would win. "
The colleague indicates that 15 municipal councilors out of 19 would have even signed "a letter of warning" that they addressed to the concerned to express their dissatisfaction and to express the "observation of the distance from the concerted vision of management of the municipality by the mayor, denounce the shenanigans and financial embezzlement that have taken place in the management of the municipality ”.
We also talk about the non-application of decisions made by the council, unilateral decision-making, budget overruns, inappropriate spending.