Infos Togo CAS verdict in an Agouwa-FTF case

A precipitous end of Akpovy’s tenure in sight ?

Publié le lundi 19 avril 2021, par Gabinho

The verdict in the case of Agouwa de Koussountou and the Togolese Football Federation (FTF) at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) is imminent. In a correspondence dated April 14, 2021, the CAS announces the verdict for May 7.

"On behalf of the Arbitration Panel in charge of the arbitration procedure mentioned under heading, I inform you that the deputy president of the Arbitration Chamber of Appeal has extended the time limit provided for in art. R59 of the Sports Arbitration Code until May 7, 2021. I am happy to provide you with any additional information and ask you to believe, dear colleague, Sir, in the assurance of my highest consideration ”, said Pauline Pellaux, Advisor to TAS in her correspondence to the parties.

Initially scheduled for April 16 and then extended to May 7, this verdict is eagerly awaited in Togo after the departure of the very controversial French technician Claude Le Roy.

It should be remembered that the President of Agouwa FC de Koussountou (D2) Kassendja Moustapha introduced on February 15, 2020 a procedure before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), for the invalidation of the decisions of the ordinary and elective congress of the Togolese Football Federation of January 25, 2020 in Kara for lack of quorum for the making of decisions and violations of articles 20, 25 and 29-1 of the Statutes of the FTF. The President of the FTF, aware of the gravity of the facts had started an amicable settlement which unfortunately did not succeed.

Xavier Nono
The Corrector

N.B : Title retouched
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