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A meeting of teachers dispersed with tear gas in Lomé

Publié le lundi 24 mai 2021, par Gabinho

In Togo, it is no longer good, in the name of some union, political or other activity, to regroup. This is what a group of teachers experienced this Saturday in the Kégué district in the northern part of Lomé.
According to information from our colleagues at GobalActu, an organ member of the same press group as Telegramme228, "the security forces dispersed around 4 pm on Saturday a meeting of Togolese teachers in Kégué in Lomé. Coming from everywhere, they say, to reflect on their living and working conditions, these teachers did not even have time to start their meeting. Several people were reportedly beaten up and others arrested. Contacted by Global Actu, a teacher who said he had the chance to go and satisfy a need outside the meeting place before returning, gives details of what exactly happened ". In his narration of the facts, the source contacted by our colleague indicates that "the teachers started by arriving, we did not start things when the police arrived to disperse and beat up. After beating up some colleagues, they arrested them. They took the machines, picked up the bags and small parcels since there are teachers from the north. They arrested several other people who are not teachers. This, after having fired a tear gas shot ”. And, he specifies, “this is not a meeting of the Togo Education Union (SET) but rather teachers who have come together to discuss their living and working conditions”… before continuing. , "We do not claim either the sky or the earth. If in a country we cannot fight for better working conditions, we are not in a country but in prison ”.
He explained the choice of a physical meeting by the fact that, on WhatsApp, the teachers do not know each other, and they preferred to get together to chat face to face and find out who is saying what.
According to the agenda for the dispersed meeting, teachers are expected to discuss the Covid-19 situation where they have so far received no financial motivation whatsoever to support this. Also, it was planned to reflect on the problem of the special status of teachers and that of the 2 billion resulting from the 2018 agreement.

T228 (With GlobalActu)