Infos Togo Consideration of environmental requirements in the preparation and execution of development projects

A dialogue on the environment brings together project leaders and various stakeholders in Lomé

Publié le vendredi 2 avril 2021, par Gabinho

"How to integrate environmental requirements in the preparation and execution of development projects in Togo ? ", The question has been the subject of a direct dialogue between the promoters of projects that have an impact on the environment and other stakeholders, since Thursday morning in Lomé. For two days, the actors from both the public and the private gathered on the initiative of ANGE (National Agency for the Management of the Environment), will have to exchange to highlight the good practices which will help to ensure that the development projects in their execution do not become sources of technological accidents or even deaths.

Holder of the Environment portfolio within the Togolese government, Minister Foli-Bazi Katari, at the opening of the meeting who was aware of the presence of other members of the government, including the Minister Delegate in charge of Mines, explained that "the marriage environment and social is dependent on a real promotion of economic activities ”. After having retraced the various actions undertaken since always by the Togolese executives since the creation in 1987 of the Ministry of the Environment, with a view to the protection of the environment, and including the Environment Code devoting the study of the environmental impact and ANGE have some of the products, he insisted on the need nowadays for the promoters of projects and development programs, to go voluntarily to the environmental and social risk assessment. Also, he invited them to see in this dynamic, "an opportunity for the success of their projects".

Togo’s development partner, the UNDP through its Resident Representative in Lomé, Aliou Dia, welcomed the role played by Togo in taking environmental issues into account in public policies. "Togo is one of the African countries which devotes the most efforts to integrating the environment into its development strategies. The consideration of these issues began long before the 1990s ”.

Director General of the ANGEL, the organizing body of this dialogue on the environment, Efanam Koffi Adadji, recalled certain disastrous situations of certain projects such as those which led to Ghana, "to the explosion of a copper which killed 15 people. "And in" Togo here, where there was an accident in Wacem which left 6 dead ". Situations that he says "we cannot always tolerate." And so according to him, "each actor must take the man into account. When we talk about the environment, we are talking about man, that man be taken into account in any development project and that this development project contributes to sustainable development which is the current development paradigm. And therefore, there are many issues in this dialogue, issues of social development, environmental ... ". In the rest of his explanations, he indicated that "the actors of this dialogue are from the public sector rather than the private sector, it is those who design the projects or those who are in the process of putting projects, programs into action. , NGOs, we are going to discuss together the stages of integrating the environment into these projects, we are also going to talk about financial consideration ”.

The work of this dialogue ends on Friday.