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A 76 million F cfa dam washed away just 5 days after its inauguration

Publié le lundi 19 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

The populations of Sidiki and Konkoagou are in disarray. And for good reason, the heavy rains of last Tuesday swept away the new dam inaugurated on July 8, 5 days earlier.
"Newly built at a cost of 76 million CFA francs, the water retention dike that should supply households with water and serve in the agricultural countryside, was washed away after a powerful rain. The situation provoked deep indignation among the neighboring populations. If for the moment we do not know what caused this unfortunate situation, according to the same source, languages ​​implicate the failure of topographers ”, could we read in the columns of our colleagues from Globalactu, a member of the Group. press release 2GAT, a group of which Telegramme228 is also a member.
In the rest of his writing, indicates the organ which also cited Agridigitale in its turn, “it is the topographers who drew the profiles and it is in the light of the information communicated that decisions are taken to know which side to put the weir. ".
The source of the inconvenience is the poor transmission of the information contained in the study.
Tuesday’s rain is the second after the first which fell on the very night of July 8, the inauguration day of the dam built with funding said to be from a French association. And it was this second rain that was fatal for the dam already damaged by the first rain.