English news Program budget for road maintenance in 2013

37 billion against 40 billion in 2012

Publié le jeudi 18 octobre 2012, par

The Company Autonomous Road Maintenance Funding (SAFER) submitted last Friday spending to road maintenance to the Togolese authorities. 37.124 billion FCFA is the tentative proposal made during a meeting of two days (Thursday and Friday) between members of the Supervisory Boards of Directors and SAFER. This is a proposal cheaper than the 2012 which amounted to 40.714 billion. In short, we must attribute it needs the efforts of the Togolese road infrastructure.

Only a total of 9.87 billion FCFA, according to forecasts made will total budget revenues amounted to 37.124 billion FCFA. And about 9.87 billion, 8.4 billion should be seen sitting on the Rights of petroleum products, while 1.47 billion would come from the right to use the road. During 2013, a total of 20,000 kilometers of roads, work will be done on 6270 km. Be taken into account by this work, and unpaved roads, rural roads and other national insightful. And this is the rehabilitation of paved roads that take a large part of the budget : 15, 409, 000, 000. There will be periodic maintenance, major repairs, point of time, water and sanitation, reloading the shoulder, road signs, works of cantonnage, to name only a few. To complete the work in peace on this side of earth roads will also be constructed with the same procedures and cost 10.064 billion. Unlike paved roads should consume 15,409,000,000, rural roads should in turn, to spend 7.01 billion. While for other roads penetrating, it will spend 4, 571 billion.

Created by presidential decree on 03 June 2011, the SAFER was substituted and the FER (Road Maintenance Fund), which was accused of mismanagement. For, the Togolese authorities had to establish an independent road maintenance that is not only independent, but also will have permanent resources to maintain roads in a timely manner. Also she will perform her own spending on road maintenance. It is present on our roads at four tollbooths that account the national territory.

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