2 years after the locals, CEFAD opens the debate

Publié le mardi 29 juin 2021, par Gabinho

On June 30, 2019, the Togolese people went to the polls to choose from the 117 municipalities 1527 local elected officials whose mission is to administer local communities at the base (of development by the populations for the populations) after so many years of management by the special delegation regime. The primordial and most awaited aspect of this local administration is the transfer of powers from the public authorities to elected municipal officials. The decentralized management that Togo has initiated does not spare the female gender. As proof, hundreds of women are elected and among them, there are mayors. Two years later, not only the Women’s Center for Decentralization Support intends to measure the position of women in this process but also to measure the implications and effects of decentralization on the lives of women in general. Has bringing the administration closer to the grassroots positive impact on the lives of women ? Have local authorities devoted a considerable margin to women ? Have they understood the new form of local governance ? Have they shown themselves to be active or have they remained passive or frozen in relation to this new situation ? Have the locks of cultural constraints been lifted ? What is the contribution of the female gender in this process ? Have they adapted to male-dominated city councils ? What prospects for women in decentralized society ? CEFAD launched the debate through this discussion meeting with the different categories of women in the Gulf2 commune. It intends to mobilize women to raise awareness in order to play the role of actors in local development ; to build up a force to influence the citizen control of the management of municipal affairs.
It was also a question of arousing enthusiasm among women for their participation in electoral consultations in order to be widely present in decision-making sectors.
Gradually, CEFAD is integrating itself into the associative world with initiatives that are of capital importance and therefore the echoes motivate and propel women in the appropriation of their destiny in a society strongly dominated by men.
About thirty women, including Municipal Councilors from the Golfe 2 Golfe5, Agoè 2, Wawa1 municipalities, women members of neighborhood development committees (CDQ), women leaders of different groups, opinion leaders, in short, Women from different social strata took part in this exchange meeting which took place at the Youth Center of the NGO IJD.
Recall that the Center for Women in Support of Decentralization (CEFAD) was created in the aftermath of the local elections of June 30, 2019 and is headed by a municipal councilor (Golfe2) on behalf of BOUABEN ADOUDE EYRAM.