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11 public latrines will be used for their toilet thanks to ANADEB

Publié le vendredi 11 juin 2021, par Gabinho

Started six years ago with studies being done here and there, the rehabilitation works of the public latrines in the Municipality of Golfe 1 are getting to the heart of the matter. It is therefore to signal this beginning of rehabilitation that a joint team from the Town Hall and ANADEB (National Agency for Grassroots Development) was on tour this week on the different sites of the 11 public latrines of the Gulf Municipality. 1 concerned by this rehabilitation.

According to the ANADEB project manager, Ablam Akoutou, it was a question of "meeting the actors and stakeholders in the management of public latrines" to "show the community, the executing company and the work selected for each type of work ”. Mr. Akoutou announced, "we will do the rehabilitation for the works which it is possible to rehabilitate while there are others where it is downright a construction that must be done".

Taking stock of this tour, on behalf of the Municipality of Golfe1, the Secretary General, Dosseh Akiti, placed these achievements which will be made in the dynamics of the projects of the Principal Mayor of the Municipality of Gulf 1, Joseph Koamy Gomado, bearing on the resolution of sanitation problems including that of the rehabilitation of public latrines. The kingpin of the administration of this town hall of Bè Afédomé, noted that the rehabilitation of latrines is "an important element for the community because several houses do not have family latrines".

And as public latrines concerned by this rehabilitation, there are those of Bè Adjrométi, Bè Hédzé, Community Center of Bè, Bè Agodo, Bè Agodogan, Bè Dangbuiépé, Kpéhénou, Bè Avéto, Bè Akodesséwa Avélimé, Bè Anfamé, Sossou Kopé.