Infos Togo Decluttering the tracks in a country where people are hungry

"They just have to chase us out of the country and we’ll understand"

Publié le dimanche 29 janvier 2023, par Gabinho

Unpopular decisions abound on the part of the Togolese government. Last of these decisions, it is the one that intimates Togolese traders, especially those whose activities lead them to occupy part of the sidewalks to free the floor no later than February 15, 2023. If certain municipalities that are involved have opted for the soft method to achieve popular support, still others have not even heard the rooster crow even before opening the standoff with the trading populations.

Here is what our colleagues from Icilome write on the subject, in the light of the various reactions that have abounded on the web and social networks in recent days, decrying this extremely unpopular decision.
‘‘Togo-Operation to decongest the roads : Togolese pissed off

February 15, 2023. This is the deadline given to “illegal” occupants of the sidewalks to clear the floor. The famous traffic congestion operation will be carried out throughout the territory. Only, the Togolese take a dim view of this decision.
“From February 15, 2023, all Containers, Barracks, Exhibitions near sidewalks and in alleys will be banned from the 117 Communes”, can we read in a recent government press release.
In Lomé, the tone goes up a notch. Voices are raised to denounce an "unpopular decision of the regime". “How can they ask us to close our small businesses ? There is no work in Togo. Life is getting very expensive because of inflation. Now that we manage to feed the family, they want to take that away from us too. They just have to chase us out of the country “and we would understand, furiously let go of Dieudonné, 35, owner of a small smartphone sales booth in Déckon (Lomé).
On social networks, some do not hesitate to show their indignation. “When these leaders meet, their only topic of discussion is to make life difficult for us. We are in Adjidogome-Douane. We sell the helmets here. If you see the number of mentally ill people here, you will be flabbergasted. All of this is because there is no work. It’s depression that causes it. People don’t have jobs, they are in pain and depressed. Others drown in alcohol. They tell us to undertake. Now that we are doing business, they want to kick us out. No, that won’t happen. Sorry for February 15… The Togolese are hungry,” reacted a group of young people in a video posted on TikTok.
“This diet will never stop making us drink the chalice to the dregs. Unable to find decent jobs for young people after their studies, they ask them to undertake, while in our school programs there is no module on entrepreneurship. Now that these young people are starting to undertake after having made loans in micro-fiances, do they also want to put a spoke in their wheels ? Even in the biggest cities like Accra in Ghana, there are shacks and containers. Do they want to tell us that it is the containers that make Lomé no longer beautiful ? “, railed a Togolese activist on a WhatsApp platform.
For many observers, this new decision by the regime is likely to hurt a lot. Others fear an uprising.
LTT (With Icilome)