Infos Togo Members of the armed forces / Freezing of retirements

The other "Togolese curiosity", according to Mr. Kpandé-Adzaré

Publié le mardi 7 décembre 2021, par Gabinho

"The retirements for all soldiers of the armed forces are suspended until further notice", is what announced Thursday through a memo, the Chief of the General Staff of the FAT, Brigadier General Dadja Maganawé.

A decision which, according to indications, takes effect from December 1, 2021, and that some want to understand by the latest developments with the terrorist threat looming in the sub-region and over Togo.

Like what, this decision comes to suspend the orthodoxy which wants the retirement to take into account the age limit, the length of active service and ranks.
It is a decision by Dadja Maganawè which is not without comment from certain Togolese actors. This is the case, for example, of Me Raphaël Kpandé-Adzaré.

For the lawyer, it is "curious in my country Togo ; legal aberrations on the Earth of our ancestors ! ". And, he laments, "how can a simple memo, even from a Chief of Staff of the Togolese Armed Forces (FAT), suspend retirement, a well-regulated situation ?" , legally framed by the law on the basis of the Constitution, therefore of the Fundamental Law !!! It is still a Togolese curiosity ".

Sacred country of our ancestors !