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The number of ships inspected on the rise

Publié le jeudi 2 février 2023, par Gabinho

This is official information that reports on the state of health of the activities at the level of the autonomous port of Lomé.
According to information posted on the Togolese Republic website, “In Togo, the number of ships inspected at the Autonomous Port of Lomé is growing. It went from 432 in 2021 to 683 in 2022, an increase of 131.76%”. And we continue, “PAL owes this performance to the measures taken and the infrastructures made available by the port authorities, in particular the liaison vehicles which promote speed and facilitate inspection operations. Indeed, the State carries out daily rigorous control of ships. Vessels inspected in member countries of the Abudja MOU, a memorandum of understanding bringing together the countries of the West and Central African coast, renew their inspection every six months”.