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The first UEMOA DESCOGEF graduates at ESA honored

Publié le mercredi 8 février 2023, par Gabinho

Through a ceremony, the first graduates of the DESCOGEF (Diploma of Higher Studies in Accounting and Financial Management) of the UEMOA (West African Economic and Monetary Union), the ESA (Higher School of Business) honored these new chartered accountants who have completed their training on its premises. Indeed, out of thirty six (36) candidates presented by this private higher education school par excellence in Togo and in the sub-region, seven (7) were able to obtain their DESCOGEF diploma from UEMOA, session 2022.

During the ceremony, which took place in the Grand amphitheater of the school campus in Agoè, chaired by the Chairman and CEO Founder of ESA, Dr Charles Birregah, they were awarded a certificate of merit, in waiting for graduation. he revealed that it is *"a vision of 2011"* which is materializing. And, he indicated, by issuing this vision, he was counting on God who did not even disappoint him.

In the rest of his development, he explained that the chartered accountant is the company doctor. And without them, our countries will not succeed. Because it is up to them to provide credible and reliable information from companies.

*’’The future of this country is in your hands’’*, he also launched to the new chartered accountants that his institution of higher education has trained, to put them before the responsibility that will be theirs in the economic and financial development of Togo.

From this first batch, he said he expects to form thousands.

At the same time as the boss of the ESA congratulated the new graduates, he encouraged those who failed to get to work now and not give in to discouragement to access this diploma and integrate this corps of the future of our States . He located these on the actions carried out and the arrangements made for better support with a view to a better success rate at the September 2023 session.
Information on the innovations made to this training was also provided to the assistance in which we could count potential candidates for this diploma of accountancy.

After urging young people to go into the dynamics of training in accountancy so that Togo has even more accountants, the president of the Scientific Council of ESA, Octave Nicole Broohm welcomed the fact that the Director General of the ESA is concerned with the training and the future of young people and also of Africa. "He who cares about the future of others is to be commended," he said. Before concluding, “Africa has a future”.

For information, the DESCOGEF is a diploma that certifies a higher education cycle lasting four semesters from the 2021-2022 academic year. It is organized in higher education establishments in the WAEMU area, which are approved by the CREFECF of Dakar (Senegal). Have access to this training, learners with the DESCOGEF or any diploma recognized as equivalent by the CREFECF. It should be noted that in the field of chartered accountancy, in addition to the DESCOGEF, ESA also trains for the DECOGEF (Diploma of Accounting and Financial Management Studies) and the DECOFI (Diploma of Accounting and Financial Expertise).