Infos Togo Vaccination at no cost without the opinion of the parents of students

Teachers at a public school in South Togo almost suffered the law of the machete

Publié le mercredi 2 mars 2022, par Gabinho

In any case, this is what we can say from seeing the videos circulating on social networks and on the web. According to what transpires in these videos, it would be primary school students from a public establishment in southern Togo who would probably be vaccinated against poliomyelitis since from February 24 to 26, the country had organized a vaccination campaign against this other disease. This would be a catch-up vaccination. And obviously the period also being included in that of the fear and hostilities of certain parents to see their children being vaccinated against Covid-19, quickly made the connection of suspicion.
Since, in addition to the viral video of the gentleman, father of a vaccinated student, who landed in the establishment with a machete to do battle with who would have authorized the vaccination of his child without his opinion, another video shows a lady, who makes threats against the teacher for having his child vaccinated. "If my child dies, it’s over for you. You can’t do anything to me. You can take me wherever you want, you won’t do anything to me. I am the one who manages to feed them. You vaccinated my forced child,” these are thinly veiled threats from the lady.