Infos Togo Worrying resurgence of extremism in northern Benin and Niger

Solidarity, strengthening of security cooperation and synergy of actions as leitmotif of the Conseil de l’Entente

Publié le vendredi 18 mars 2022, par Gabinho

Concerned, the Council of the Entente is even more so when it comes to member states that are affected by the resurgence of violent extremism in the Sahel.

In a new press release, the Executive Secretariat of the Conseil de l’Entente said it had "learned, with deep indignation and deep emotion, of the massacre, on the night of February 07 to 08, 2022, of many inhabitants of several villages in the Diffa region, in the far east of Niger. These attacks caused the death of about twenty villagers, injured several people and caused material damage. This report comes on top of the attacks perpetrated in the Pendjari National Park, in the north of Benin, in January and February 2022, which had resulted in a dozen deaths as well as injuries in the ranks of the Defense and Security Forces. ".

And continues the executive secretariat of the EC, "the expansion of the phenomenon towards the Littoral, the Executive Secretariat of the Council of the Entente calls for the solidarity of the States and a reinforcement of the security cooperation in the Espace Entente, in particular through the increased pooling of resources between the Member States, and the synergy of the actions of the Regional Organizations and their partners”.

He therefore presents "his deep compassion and solidarity to the highest authorities and the peoples of Niger and Benin as well as to the families of the victims" of this barbarity.