Infos Togo “Faure Gnassingbé is the Solomon sent by God to build Togo”

Revelation of Pastor Hotodégbé who has drawn the wrath of Internet users and whatsappnauts : Should we laugh or cry ?

Publié le mardi 22 mars 2022, par Gabinho

In any case, it is up to everyone to judge according to the highlights of the 17 years of governance of the new King Solomon “enthroned” in Togo by Pastor Gaëtan Hotodegbé and his peers. But on the web and on social networks, criticisms bordering on insults are not lacking.
“Because of their bellies humm edefoo loooo ? “, “He is strong this pastor”, “A bitozard is in the corner”, “Bad vision of hungry pastors”, “Those who tell the truth go to prison”, “Hmm my God has problems in Togo... “,” “Cursed”, while a last will go so far as to firmly believe that “this pastor must go and finish his ceremonies in the village”. However, he did not have only detractors since a reaction seems to be recognized in what he revealed. “Here are men of God who walk in the footsteps of Jesus, as all authority is established by God. He will destroy it if he wants”, before continuing, that “Togo has evolved considerably in this direction. Appreciate the efforts. Let’s not paint everything black.”
Sacred Togo with its bipolarity.
In fact, during a crusade launched Friday at the Palace of the chief canton of Sagbado, Togbui Edem Semekonawo, (A place indicated to Pastor Gaëtan in the revelation by God, to start the crusade) by a group of pastors (about twenty), he returned to the words of Pastor Gaëtan Hotodégbé, who would be the holder of a prophecy, that Togo could experience a problem in the near future. And it is therefore to curb this evil that God himself revealed to the man of God, actions in all the regions of the country.
“God revealed himself to me and told me to announce to the Togolese people to put into practice his ordinances among others : forgiveness, that all religions put themselves into the practice of forgiveness ; secondly, to cultivate divine love ; in the third position, to be united, to extend a hand of peace to everyone ; and in fourth position submission to the authorities, particularly President Faure Gnassingbé,” said Pastor Gaëtan Hotodégbe, the one to whom the vision was entrusted.
And to continue in relation to the Togolese Head of State, “God told me that he is this Solomon whom he sent behind his dad King David to build Togo, his temple, Israel. So Togo is the Switzerland that President Faure must build. But he cannot succeed until we Christians stand up for peace, forgiveness and help him in prayer. God charges us to intercede for the authorities and the nation.”
True prophecy or not ? It is up to everyone to judge since above all, it is between God and the one who claims to have received this revelation.