Infos Togo Gulf 1 / 2nd Ordinary Session of the City Council

Respected tradition, with important topics to discuss

Publié le mardi 4 avril 2023, par Gabinho

In accordance with the provisions of law n°2007-011 of March 13, 2007, relating to decentralization and local freedoms, together the texts which have modified it, in particular in its articles 93 to 95, the local elected representatives of the Municipality of Golfe 1 are, starting this Monday and this for ten days, in ordinary session of the city council, the 2th of the year 2023.

The session was opened in the presence of the traditional chiefs of this commune but also of the officials of the Town hall and other resource persons.

In his speech at the opening of this session, the 1st Deputy Mayor of the Commune of Golfe 1, Fofo Koffi Boko, informed that during the meeting, various subjects to be discussed together with the Municipal Councilors will be discussed. He listed, among other things, "the report of the first ordinary session", "the executive’s activity report", "the study and development of the 2022 administrative plan", "the study of the ministerial decree on fines”, “update on the activities of the Ridge of the Communes of Togo”, “the cemetery of Bè Kpota” and also “the Community Fund of the districts”. These are, according to the local elected official, subjects that will be examined by the participants in these 10 days of work.

Note that this session follows the first held in January 2023.