Infos Togo "Public-Private" university cooperation

Renewed partnership between ESA of Togo and EPAC-UAC of Benin, for five (5) new years !

Publié le mardi 7 mars 2023, par Gabinho

To offer quality and innovative university education in the tertiary and technological fields, meeting the needs of the socio-economic sector, such has always been the main objective of the ESA (Ecole Supérieure des Affaires), which does not skimp on the means to cooperate with major universities on the continent and outside.

Already in partnership with the EPAC-UAC (Ecole Polytechnique d’Abomey Calavi-Université d’Abomey Calavi) of the Republic of Benin since 2017, ESA has seen the partnership framework relating to educational and cultural activities be renewed this Friday March 3, 2023, for five new years. It was during a ceremony which brought together the officials of the different parties at the Amphitheater of ESA Agoè Minamadou, in the northern suburbs of Lomé.

Explanations from the various speakers, including the Founder and Director General of ESA, Dr Charles Birrégah, and the Director of EPAC UAC, Professor Guy Alain Alitonou, it will be a question of supporting ESA’s training activities in the fields of Engineering Sciences / Civil Engineering, Engineering Sciences / Telecommunications Networks, Engineering Sciences / Management and Environmental Computing, while taking advantage of their convergence of interests.

In the same dynamic, ESA will offer its Beninese partner its assistance “in all areas where it has developed proven expertise”.

It should be noted, among other things, that the present public-private cooperation, which is being offered for five more years, should promote collaboration on "academic training in the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate cycles", "professional training in the Bachelor’s cycles, master’s and doctoral programs", "teacher exchanges and mobility", "student exchanges and mobility", "the development and implementation of research and development support projects", "the organization scientific events" and finally, "the search for funding".

The various parties have expressed the wish to see this framework renewed, "to strengthen the links between the public-private academic world and to create the conditions for a close, fruitful, lasting and good relationship between these two worlds", then, “promote a win-win partnership that is both innovative, creator of synergies, wealth, jobs, sustainable development and accelerator of growth”. .

For information, ESA students were among the eyewitnesses of this partnership signing ceremony in their university institution and EPAC.