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Myditek and Togocom will be precise

Publié le lundi 13 mars 2023, par Gabinho

Good news for actors in the Agriculture sector in Togo. Specialized in the design and installation of digital tools in agriculture, the Guadeloupean company Myditek has decided to join forces with the telecom operator Togocom for the digitization of Togolese agriculture and the promotion of precision agriculture. To do this, a partnership was concluded at the beginning of this week.
According to the explanations of the president of Myditek, Sébastien Luissaint, it is "basically, the idea is to move towards precision agriculture", and the "partnership with Togocom allows us to install antennas of nationwide communications. These antennas aim to connect our tools that will serve farmers and cooperatives in terms of agricultural data”.
According to the terms of the contract that binds the two parties, Myditek will have to connect the farms and upload the relevant data, in relation to soil fertility, meteorological data, or aerial imagery data by drone, to the systems security, infrared, electric fencing, automatic and connected irrigation systems on the territory. Also, the Guadeloupe part of this contract will have to develop connected objects by relying on around fifty Togocom branches, spread over the entire Togolese territory. And these relay antennas will allow Myditek to bring all this digital information to farmers, which will allow them to better know their working environment and their land.
This is therefore news that delights Tarik Boudiaf, acting CEO of Togocom. He was pleased that this merger with Myditek further expresses his company’s commitment to the digitization of Togolese agriculture.
For information, the installation phase of weather stations is also underway nationwide and there are plans to train farmers and agricultural technicians in the use of these technologies.

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