Infos Togo Gulf 1 / 1st Session of the year

Major projects for 2023 will be scrutinized by the Municipal Council

Publié le jeudi 12 janvier 2023, par Gabinho

The year 2022, behind us, that the local elected officials of the Municipality of Golfe 1 are already returning to work where they had whistled the end of the past year. And it was in favor of the 1st session of the year 2023.
Grouped around the Principal Mayor of this commune, Joseph Koamy Gomado, these local elected officials opened yesterday Monday the work of this session which will discuss several subjects.
On the agenda of this session, it should be noted, among other key topics, that of the decluttering of public roads as desired and issued by the Togolese government. According to the Secretary General of this municipality of Bè Afédomé, Dosseh Akiti, it is a "great project and the councilors will be involved in its implementation through awareness campaigns so that the date set by the government is respected”.
Other topics that will hold the attention of the Municipal Council and first-rate collaborators, there is the presentation of the report of the 2023 budget session, the presentation of the activity reports of the permanent committees, the evolution of the ADN project (Academy Digitale Numérique), the presentation of the cash situation, the follow-up of the progress of the work of 2022, in progress in the municipality, information points as well as various subjects.
According to the explanations of Mr. Akiti, "These subjects on the agenda are important and will make it possible to implement the development actions of the municipality and the improvement of the living conditions of the populations".
It is therefore expected that avenues will be traced for the mobilization of funds to cover the budget of 2,654,800,000 FCFA established for the financing of the projects of the municipality in 2023.
By sacrificing to this tradition of sessions, the Municipality of Golfe 1 is only following the recommendations of the law on decentralization which had them elected at the head of this municipality of Greater Lomé.