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III Annual Meeting ContourGlobal way in Lomé

Publié le lundi 19 novembre 2012, par

The U.S. Group ContourGlobal opened Tuesday in Lomé, the third edition of the exchange meeting between officials from 13 different countries.

According to the explanations given by Stephane Loosen, Managing Director of ContourGlobal Togo, which hosts the event, "it is to put together a number of people of ContourGlobal from different countries of the world. Here we have 13 different nationalities who meet to exchange information on the various concerns ContourGlobal. "This meeting should be marked according to the same source, on "all anti-corrupt that we apply in the different countries, the exchange of information between different groups of operation, exchange as at the financial results, human resources etc. so this is a permanent exchange of information between the various leaders of the group."

The impact of the way ContourGlobal III mission direction, depend on the outcome of discussions between senior executives, thus Mr. Loosen called for the involvement of all of these activities during last three days.
R.A, Lomé (Telegramme228)