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Honor to the Togolese Movement for Restoration through Dr Gnagnon

Publié le lundi 13 mars 2023, par Gabinho

The Togolese Movement for Restoration and its first leader, the local elected Dr Jean Emmanuel Gnagnon, continues to trace its path within the political parties and movements of the continent. On March 7, again, the honor was given to this movement to make people talk about it and it was during the 1st congress of the Ivorian party "Force aux Peuples" of Innocent Gneblin.

During this congress, Dr Gnagnon had the right to speak. The Deputy Mayor of the Commune of Agbodrafo, and former National Secretary for Communication of the FDR (Democratic Forces for the Republic), in his speech, much appreciated by the delegates, welcomed the commitment of the Forces to the Peoples, which, according to him, is a great opportunity for a real alternative of social cohesion, pledge of living together.

“We have a fairly close view of everything that is happening in Africa and it is absolutely necessary that a new generation begins by truly emerging and being able to retrace the path for a new Africa. We always say that we must capitalize on the efforts already made by each other, but today it is completely well founded to be able to see Africa again with another eye", this is what advanced the president of the MTR. And to continue, "we must build united nations, we must build nations by joining hands, we must not have enemies when we engage in politics, but we must continue to work truly for peace and stability and especially for the conviviality, the fraternity of our nations. This is why living together was developed in Togo, we continue to spread this message of living together”.

He did not elude the question of the generational transition which shakes the various African political chessboards.

In any case, in an appeal that some may consider solemn, Dr Jean-Emmanuel Gnagnon, expressed the urgent appeal of the young generation of political actors, "to set up a network of convinced actors for the restoration of African States by giving strength to the peoples ! We have already started a similar project to bring together in several African countries, in particular Guinea Conakry, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Mali, Liberia, Burkina, the Central African Republic, Ghana, young political actors to federate the energies in order to achieve generational transitions and safeguard the capital of experience and achievements for the benefit of a new Africa, truly independent and resilient in the face of global challenges of all kinds".

For information, this congress of the Ivorian party, "Force aux Peuples", the first of its kind in the life of this political formation, had as its main theme, "Force aux peuple for an alternative of social cohesion, modernity and shared prosperity". .