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Habia in Aklakou and Klévé

Publié le jeudi 3 février 2022, par Gabinho

He had already announced himself several days earlier with an outing with the former Advisor to the President of the PNP, Ouro-Djikpa Tchatchikpi, to call for the release of all political detainees and promised a resumption of the Togolese political struggle where it had been left for several or even years already.
The man who always determines himself the field man of Togolese politics was visiting the past weekend in two localities of the Lakes, namely, Aklakou and Klévé. He went to meet the militants of the party "Les Démocrates". The exchanges between him and this base of the Lakes revolved around the political struggle in Togo and how to take up the torch.
From what has leaked out, the militants in reaction to this visit of their leader, testified to him their confidence and demonstrated their aptitude for the continuation of the political struggle.