Infos Togo Vandalism and incivility in Agoè-Nyivé 1

City Hall boundary signs taken away by unsavory individuals

Publié le vendredi 28 octobre 2022, par Gabinho

Who are the ones who took away the boundary panels of the Town Hall of the Commune of Agoè-Nyivé 1 ? This is the big question that torments the minds currently in the Commune led by Akoété Kovi Adabounou.

By a press release, the local elected official informs that unidentified individuals are the authors of this act of vandalism and incivility, which is to take away the signs indicating the limits between the Commune of Agoè-Nyivé 1 and the Municipality of Golfe 5, located on the basis of the limits set by the technical services of the special delegation, under the supervision of the prefectural authorities. The act was taken on the night of October 17 to 18, 2022.

If the authority invites the populations of Anomé and particularly the Grassroots Development Committee and the youth to collaborate to unmask these dismal and disreputable individuals, it is indicated that "an investigation has been carried out to find the perpetrators so that they answer for their acts in accordance with the legal provisions in force”.

People who may have information are also invited to contact the technical services of the town hall in return for a strong reward.