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Bureau VERITAS Togo will support ESA students

Publié le lundi 13 juin 2022, par Gabinho

The Business School (ESA) and Bureau VERITAS Togo are now partners. A signing ceremony took place this Friday, June 10, 2022 in Lomé, to materialize this agreement.

This cooperation between the two parties covers the areas of higher education, tertiary education and technological innovation of ESA-Togo.

This includes, among other things, offering business discovery internships according to the positions available and on the basis of selection of the best students ; give the opportunity to ESA-Togo students within the framework of internships, work-study programs, missions according to the profiles sought ; attend school and extracurricular activities of ESA-Togo as a speaker according to availability and management approval.

Indeed, as part of the implementation of its Bureau VERITAS CAMPUS 2022 project, actions to develop its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, Bureau VERITAS Togo intends to rely on the Business School which offers training of excellence in Quality-Safety-Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility (QSE-CSR) by signing this partnership agreement in this perspective.

This policy aims to strengthen the links between the academic world and the business world and to create the right conditions for a close, fruitful, lasting and good relationship. It also aims to promote a partnership that is both innovative, creator of synergies, wealth, jobs, sustainable development and accelerator of growth.

"For us to participate in education in Africa, it is really a responsibility as a company. This is part of the group’s policy, to develop local skills and support local education initiatives, it is very important for us to be able to find young talent and ESA offers the opportunity for a partnership that covers a lot of areas, which is very good for our group since we are involved in several areas of activity", indicated Erick GOKON, General Manager of Bureau VERITAS Togo.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ESA, Dr. Charles BIRREGAH, for his part, says he is very honored that the quality of ESA has been felt within this company through its students who are already working there.

He added that the birth of this first School-Company consortium created a new space for cooperation and integration, making it possible to consolidate visions on well-defined issues, to optimize the material and human resources available and to open more broad horizons for cooperation.

The Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA) offers training in a Masters in Quality-Safety-Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility (QSE-CSR) recognized by CAMES.

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