Infos Togo Gulf 1 / Development, sanitation, asphalting of urban streets in Lomé

Boulevard Félix Houphouët Boigny (Akodesséwa-Immeuble Fiata) will soon have a facelift

Publié le vendredi 11 novembre 2022, par Gabinho

Speaking on the program in the Ewe language, Miwoè négnon of November 04, 2022, the 3rd Deputy Mayor of the Commune of Golfe 1, Bè Afédomé, Espoir Koudjodji, spoke about the subject concerning the development, sanitation, asphalting of 14.34 km of urban street in Lomé : Phase 2. In the dynamics of the execution of this work, the local elected official indicated that work will be carried out in Lot 1 on Boulevard Félix Houphouët Boigny, along 4.418 km. The oldest road covered with cobblestones in Lomé.

According to the information provided, the work should last 16 months from the date of its launch.

With regard to this boulevard, indicated Mr. Koudjodji, "a site handover has been made and the company chosen for the execution of the work has also been allocated land where it will have to install its machinery to carry out work on this boulevard".

In the details that followed, it is revealed by the member of the Municipal Council that “it will now be a boulevard. A formal notice has been sent to the residents of this boulevard who will now have two lanes, there and back, and lined with real gutters in good and due form”.

Sharing the sorrows and the difficulties of the populations during the rainy periods, he reassured that "with the assistance of the government, we have already awarded the works which will have to start in the very near future".

We can dare to hope that the end of the ordeal of the populations who have suffered so much from the pangs of these cobblestones and the dilapidated pipes which surround them and tired of draining the waters, will be in the near future, at the earliest before the end of the current mandate. of the Municipal Council of Golfe 1, headed by Mayor Joseph Gomado and his team.

It should be noted that this is one more step in the development of this municipality which for several months already has started building certain roads. We can’t wait for these actions here and there to accelerate for the happiness of the citizens.