Infos Togo Togocel and Moov Africa Togo (Packages and money transfers)

Always more expensive than the other, according to ARCEP

Publié le mardi 15 mars 2022, par Gabinho

It is the official site of Togo, which indicates this based on a study by ARCEP. "In Togo, the two main mobile telephone operators, Togo Cellulaire and Moov Africa Togo, although they do agree on a few points, are not on the same wavelength in terms of the prices charged for the various services. is confirmed by a new comparative study published by the regulatory authority for the sector (Arcep)". And he continues, "according to the document, the subsidiary of the Togocom group is "overall more expensive on mobile plans", while its main competitor Moov is more expensive on the money transfer segment via mobile. The analysis of the regulator focused in particular on the various packages (data, mixed and voice) offered by the two companies as well as mobile money offers, which have been booming in the country for several years.

Just a month ago, the telecommunications policeman in Togo published an initial comparative analysis, which revealed that the two national operators were among the most expensive in UEMOA. Great progress remains to be made, he noted, inviting the duopoly to “practice fairer and more reasonable prices for the benefit of consumers”.