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A call to Faure Gnassingbé, denunciations of the management of the terrorism file and financial mismanagement (COVID Fund)...

Publié le mercredi 1er mars 2023, par Gabinho

The Democratic Forces for the Republic (FDR) made their political comeback on Saturday February 25, 2023 in Lomé under the theme : "Citizen, let’s unite our energies to save Togo from sinking".

It was an opportunity for the party of Me Paul Dodji Apévon, to ask the Head of State Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé, to calm the political game.

Aware that Togo has been the victim for months of terrorist attacks of all kinds, Maître Paul Dodji Apévon and his family during the political re-entry of their party, arrested the country’s first official. It is noted that the phenomenon of violent extremism continues to cause loss of life both on the side of law enforcement and security forces and the population. A situation that challenges the Democratic Forces for the Republic in more than one way.

"Terrorism and violent extremism, which we believed to be temporary, are taking hold more and more, resulting in more deaths and injuries within the Defense and Security Forces and within the populations and this in silence, the government having chosen not to communicate any more on this national drama", indicated Me Paul Dodji Apévon, president of the FDR.

As an antidote to this scourge which plagues the nation and which spares no one, the Democratic Forces for the Republic stressed that Togo is in bad shape and that the social fabric is in tatters.

"Indeed, our dear country Togo is doing badly, very badly and it is an understatement to say that our social fabric is in tatters, even if those in power, in their strategy of putting people to sleep and manipulating them, are trying to make us believe artificially that we are in wonderland", mentioned FDR’s N0 01.

This political re-entry also allowed the FDR to launch a solemn appeal to the populations, which they qualify as a citizen movement.

"I therefore launch a solemn appeal to all the daughters and sons of our dear Fatherland, whether they are in the country or within the diaspora, to mobilize massively for the constitution of a Great Citizen Movement with a view to of building a real Nation by 2025", hammered Me Paul Dodji Apévon.

On the question of the report of the Court of Auditors which has been talking about the web for weeks, the FDR denounced the financial mismanagement shown by the government on the management of funds intended for COVID-19.

As a reminder, the Democratic Forces for the Republic (FDR) have promised regular meetings with the men of the media in order to situate the opinion on their various actions.

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