Infos Togo Football / Tournament Renaissance Kloto 2023

24 clubs, a single trophy, and a heterogeneous public in turmoil from July 29th

Publié le lundi 24 juillet 2023, par Gabinho

It has become a tradition and continues to be renewed each holiday period to the delight of young people. This is the football competition called Renaissance Kloto Tournament. Initiative of the ATC (Afrique Terre de Cultures) chaired by Mileck Agbokou, the competition opens its 7th edition on July 29 in Kpadapé, and will be contested on four different football fields of the Grand Kloto. For the opening of this competition, the draw of which was carried out on July 15, it will pit ASK of Kpadapé against ASHAD of Hanyigba.

This 2023 summer holiday event, with Hôtel IZE as its official sponsor since the 2022 edition, will bring together, according to the president of the ATC, and promoter of this competition, Mileck Agbokou, 24 teams from 5 different prefectures, namely Kloto, Kpélé, Danyi, Agou and Agoènyivé.

The draw ceremony which took place last weekend made it possible to divide the 24 teams into 8 pools of 3. And the four fields selected for the competition, Kpadapé de Kpimé Woumé, Agou Nyogbo and Kpélé Tsiko, will each have to host the matches of two pools.

This ceremony was an opportunity for the organizer to wish that the Renaissance Kloto 2023 Tournament competition will always be a competition of reunions and festive encounters around the round ball. A wish also shared by the president of the Kloto football district, the Honorable Dégboè who, presiding over the ceremony, invited the teams involved in Fair Play.

Before this draw ceremony, Afrique Terre de Cultures, always attached to the values of African tradition but also to the protection of the environment, and the teams participating in this edition of the Renaissance Kloto 2023 Tournament, sacrificed to the tradition of planting young plants (nearly 500), as part of its usual operation, "one actor, one plant". It was in Kpimé Woume.

The dice being cast, we can now only wish good preparations to the 24 clubs involved, and that the best wins.